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The Whaley House - San Diego

By: Sunland RV Resorts / 13 Oct 2020
The Whaley House - San Diego

The Whaley House

This Spooktober, visit to the most haunted house in America. The Whaley House (according to the Travel Channel) is located in Old Town San Diego, which is just a few minutes away from our San Diego RV Resort via Trolley. It is now a museum with 100,000 visitors each year. 

Thomas Whaley built the brick home in 1857 for him, his wife Anna Whaley, and their 6 children. The house only cost $10,000 to build, but before the house was built, the land was the ground for the gallows. A thief named Yankee Jim Robinson was hanged from the gallows 3 years before Thomas bought the land. The house served as a convenience store, a courtroom, and a theater, all of which are available to experience during the tour.

While the Whaleys lived in the house, they experienced the alleged paranormal phenomena. Over the years, 3 members of the Whaley family passed away in the house. Now, for almost a century and a half, mysterious sounds and ghostly apparitions fill the Whaley House.

  Whaley House Inhabitants

The Whaley House Inhabitants

Here is a list of some of the mostfamous ghosts: Thomas Tanner, who haunts the theater, the cook haunting the kitchen, James Yankee Robinson hanged in the gallows, sentenced to death for stealing a boat. And last but not least, Violet Whaley, thought to be the pale woman people have seen walking the halls in a white dress.

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Add a little bit of spookiness to your Halloween by watching the following videos that featured the Whaley House:

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