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Rig Ready: Sunland's Top RV Maintenance Tips

By: Sunland RV Resorts / 03 Jan 2014
Rig Ready: Sunland's Top RV Maintenance Tips

Is Your Rig Ready for the New Year? RV Maintenance Tips You May Have Missed...

From long hauls to short getaways, it is important that your RV is in tip top condition before an RV trip. To help extend the life of your RV and avoid any unnecessary repairs, Sunland RV Resorts has come up with our four top RV maintenance tips.

4. Schedule a roof inspection and check window seals. RV pros recommend having a professional roof inspection every three months to survey all vents, any items installed on the roof, and the television antenna. For those who own an RV with a rubber roof, once a year consider treating it with a UV protectant. This service is particularly important for those who RV in Southern California and other dry, sunny climates. To avoid costly water damage, make monthly rounds to ensure no cracks have developed in the window seals. Rv site

3. Service your generator and run it monthly when not in use. Every three to four weeks run the generator, with a 50 percent load, to protect against moisture build up and fuel breakdown. Before running the generator, always check for fuel and oil leaks. Keep it clean and rust free to help extend its life. If you are RV dry camping be sure not to run your generator under open windows or too close to neighbors due to potential carbon monoxide poisoning. *Did You Know: Some generators have altitude settings. Properly adjusting the generators to your current altitude will help them run better and more efficiently. rv back 2. Regularly check battery water levels and top off with distilled water. In addition to monitoring water levels, it is highly recommended to clean batteries monthly with a baking soda and water mixture. Leave the solution on for five minutes before gently rinsing the batteries clean. To eliminate the possibility of an RV battery freezing and cracking this winter, remove the RV battery and store it somewhere dry and warm. baking soda

1. When RV camping, do not leave the black water tank valves open. While it may be tempting to leave your black water tank valve open when hooked up at an RV campground, it is not a good idea. If a nearly empty black water tank is hooked up and left open, only the liquids will drain out. The solids will, unfortunately, be left behind to sit on the bottom of the tank. It is recommended to wait until the tank is about half full before opening the valve and allowing the suction to pull out all of the contents of the tank. Don't let tank get too full, however. Full tanks lead to back ups and can corrode the black tank monitors.

*Did you know: Unlike the black water tank, the grey water tank valve can remain partially open to continuously drain. rv resort January is "Rig Ready" month at Sunland RV Resorts. Check back regularly for more tips and information from Sunland and our partners.

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