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How To Live in an RV Full Time

By: Sunland RV Resorts / 09 Nov 2023

How To Live in an RV Full Time

Deciding to downsize from a traditional apartment or house to live in an RV full time is a significant life choice! It is a very exciting step in life, and there are numerous factors to consider and things to prepare for when embracing this unique lifestyle. Below is a comprehensive guide to living in an RV full time.

Benefits of Living in an RV Full Time

Living in an RV full time offers a range of benefits that make it an attractive lifestyle choice:
  • Travel: When you live in an RV, your home goes wherever you do. You have the freedom to travel and explore new places without worrying about accommodations.
  • Freedom: RV living provides unparalleled freedom. You're not tied to a specific location; you can move as it suits you.
  • Eco-friendliness: Many full-time RVers invest in solar panels to reduce their environmental footprint. While it's not entirely sustainable living, it can be more eco-friendly than a traditional home.
  • Social Connection: Traveling in an RV often leads to meeting new people and connecting with individuals you wouldn't have encountered in a traditional living situation.

The Cost of Living in an RV

There are several different ongoing expenses that you'll need to keep track of when living in an RV. A few of the factors include:
  • Type of RV: The initial cost depends on the type and size of the RV you choose, along with its insurance policy
  • Travel Distance: How far you travel affects fuel costs
  • Parking: Where you park your RV can impact costs
  • Expenses: Fuel, RV insurance, maintenance, everyday RV supplies, upgrades, tolls, and tank dumping and filling fees

Working a Full-Time Job on the Road

To sustain full-time RV living, you'll need a flexible, remote, or even seasonal job. There are several options for full-time RV work, including online work and short-term jobs. Websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, and FlexJobs list remote positions suitable for travelers. You can also explore opportunities with the National Park Service and State Parks.
Figuring out Your Internet & WiFi:
Finding reliable internet access while on the road can be a challenge. Consider these options:
  • Free WiFi networks: Libraries, cafes, and Satellite internet: It's reliable but requires a clear view of the sky and may involve a contract.
  • Portable cellular router: This option connects to cellular towers, providing great internet service for travelers.
  • Campground or RV Resort WiFi: Some campgrounds include WiFi in their fees, but you may need a WiFi extender for a strong signal.
Figuring out Your Work Space: 

Most RVs do not come with a built-in desk or workspace, so you'll have to improvise or make one yourself, especially if you have multiple monitors. A lot of RVers can get by using their table in their kitchen space, but you will likely find yourself having to build and take down your entire workstation every day.

Here are some ideas for creating the perfect home office: 
  • Utilize a Folding Workstation: This approach maximizes functionality while preserving a spacious ambiance. If building isn't your forte, explore fold-down tables with built-in storage space or compact folding wall desks.
  • Put in a Lagun Table: A Lagun table is a mounted table that swivels 360 degrees so you can position the table however you want it.
  • Convert an unused space into an office area: Reimagine spaces that are underutilized, like a dinette area or a bunk house, to create a desk area. This could be ideal for people who have large monitors. 
  • Convert an unused space into an office area: Reimagine spaces that are underutilized, like a dinette area or a bunk house, to create a desk area. This could be ideal for people who have large monitors. 
  • Create a toy hauler workspace: If the space isn't needed, transform your toy hauler garage into a workspace. The area can carry heavy weight, so you can add heavier items like tables and chairs. 


When living in an RV, it's essential to have proper insurance coverage for your vehicle and RV. Ensure your policy covers full-time RV travel and consider joining a roadside assistance program for RVs.

When it comes to selecting the ideal insurance coverage for your RV, Good Sam Insurance Agency stands out as the top choice. It serves as a valuable intermediary, connecting you with the industry's leading RV insurance providers, ensuring that you secure a comprehensive policy tailored to your unique needs.

Good Sam Insurance Agency collaborates with renowned insurance companies such as Progressive, Foremost, SafeCo, and National General. Among the array of insurance options available through Good Sam, you'll find comprehensive, collision, liability, property damage, and personal injury protection coverage.

Good Sam offers a convenient storage discount feature, allowing you to temporarily suspend collision and liability coverage when your motorhome or trailer remains in storage for more than 30 consecutive days. This can translate into significant monthly premium savings, particularly if your RV is primarily utilized for occasional road trips.

Lastly, for those who embrace the RV lifestyle as their permanent residence, Good Sam Insurance Agency excels in crafting customized full-time RV insurance policies to meet your unique needs.

Options for Getting Mail:

Fortunately, there are straightforward methods for receiving mail while living full-time in an RV. One method is utilizing USPS General Delivery, which proves to be a cost-free service when your package is sent via USPS. However, it's worth noting that they do not accommodate packages from FedEx or UPS and may impose substantial holding fees if they do accept such deliveries.

Get in touch with the local post office and confirm their acceptance of this service. Address the package in your name, appending "General Delivery," followed by the city, state, and zip code. Upon package arrival, simply inform the postal officer of your intention to collect a General Delivery item, present your identification, and your package will be promptly handed over to you.

Another alternative is having items shipped to an Amazon locker. However, keep in mind that the dimensions of your shipment must not exceed the size limitations of the locker.

The most convenient option, which many RV dwellers favor, is having shipments directed to the RV park where you are currently stationed. This approach eliminates the need for you to travel to pick up your package. At Sunland RV Resorts, we accept deliveries on your behalf, and provide you with the necessary shipping address and any specific instructions, ensuring a hassle-free mail reception experience.

Be Prepared to Plan:

Planning plays a crucial role in full-time RV living. It involves booking campsites in advance and knowing your next destination. Consider peak travel seasons, accessibility, and budget fluctuations when planning your journeys.

Travel days in the world of RV living can be quite exhausting. The routine typically involves starting the day by dismantling your campsite, followed by hours spent on the road en route to your next stop, like gas stations, grocery stores, or a scenic spot to take a photo. Upon arrival, there's the inevitable task of setting up camp. Allocating time for planning activities at your new destination is essential, especially if you're traveling with children eager to explore after hours confined in the car.

Traveling with Pets:

If you're traveling with pets, be aware that some RV parks may charge extra fees for them. All of our resorts are pet friendly, and many of our resorts cater events toward pet owners, like Bark and Wine, Pet Parades, and Yappy Hours. We believe your pets should enjoy the luxuries of a resort lifestyle, too, which is why we've designed onsite Bark Parks and offer tasty treats upon arrival. Ensure that the pet food you choose is readily available or can be shipped to your location!

Ready to make the change? RV Life is Waiting

Full-time RV life is an enticing prospect for those seeking freedom and flexibility in their lives. If you're considering this lifestyle, remember these key points. Additionally, Sunland RV Resorts offers nine different RV resorts for extended stays, including seven in California and two in Florida. With upscale amenities and a variety of events, Sunland RV Resorts can fulfill all your needs and desires.

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