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The Weekly Taste – Golden Village Palms

Golden Village Palms has partnered with favorite Hemet local restaurants to create the The GVP Weekly Taste. Each week a different restaurant sets up camp at the popular Sunland Resort to bring a variety of delicious flavor from neighborhood eateries…

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Holiday Decor Inspiration

If you haven't decorated your RV yet here are some ideas to get the holiday spirit flowing. When you're done decorating share you pictures with our community on our Facebook page. To turn off the sound mouse over the top…

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Cut Some Calories & Make Some Friends

Vacationer RV Resort Brings Guests Together with Omeletes-in-a-Bag As a newcomer to the Sunland RV Resorts team, I had the unique opportunity of visiting all of the San Diego Properties to get a feel for the individual character and community…

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RV Thanksgiving Cooking

Will this guy fit in the stove in your RV?   If you're cooking a Thanksgiving dinner in your RV sometimes you need to be a little creative. Take a look at these  videos from the RVCookingShow on how to…

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