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Million dollar Jackpot for Golden Village Palms resident

George Hayes, a resident at Golden Village Palms in Hemet, went on a desert casino-hopping trip with a friend. Fantasy Springs was their last stop before heading home. George simply walked up to a 1¢ Super Spin Wheel of Fortune® machine and put in $40 or $50. Not long after that, he watched five Wheel of Fortune® symbols line up across the center line and knew it had to mean something big. That “something big” turned out to be $1,127,123.88.

“Today is my wife’s birthday,” Hayes said. “She passed away a number of years ago. In 1985, she won a jackpot at a Las Vegas casino for $250,000, which happened to be on my birthday. Seems like it’s happened again, only the other way around.”

Hayes said he and his friend make casino-hopping trips every few weeks. On this trip, it was their turn to hit the casinos in the Palm Springs area.

He said there was nothing special that stood out about the Wheel of Fortune game, but he just walked right up and started playing it.

Congratulations to George!