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Golden Village Palms RV Gives Back to Community Care Takers

Earlier this month, Golden Village Palms had our Emergency Personal Appreciation Breakfast. Forty-eight Hemet public service professionals visited the property from varying city departments including Fire, Police & Ambulance crews.  The city employees and care takers of Hemet and the Golden Village Palms community were joined by  with 100 GVP guests.

The front of the club house was  packed full with police cars, motorcycles, undercover cars, swat, fire trucks, and ambulances. Our honored guests really enjoyed and appreciated the breakfast, where they got a chance to meet and interact with other public service professionals. Many of the emergency personnel had never been to the resort before and were just amazed at the oasis and the amenities that resort has. The event was such a success that some officials suggested they come out in the future to hold safety meetings with our guests. We think it’s a brilliant idea! Below are some photos of the event attendees and a very cordial thank you letter from the Police Department.

It was a great feel good day at the resort but the funny thing is, no matter how much we tried to promote and give the guests prior notice of the event, there was a rush of phone calls and bystanders wanting to know what happened. It was nice to report it was just a good time had by all.

In another good turn of events, Golden Village Palms hosted a their Annual January Hospice fundraising event.  The theme was Hospice a Sure Bet. The event was hosted by Lynne Anderson and Pat Crocket of Golden Village Palms.  A lunch of crab salad on croissant was served while guest perused a silent auction of items donated by guests. A fashion show was also held featuring the GVP ladies modeling items they purchased from second hand stores.It always amazing how classy and beautiful our guests are in their bargain items.

200 Village Palms ladies attended and $1000.00 was raised along with a large collection of items to be donated to the Hospice thrift store.  The annual event was an annual success and we look forward to hosting it again next year.