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Rules and Regulations





RV Site check-in time 1:00pm. Check-out time 12:00pm. Villa check-in 3:00pm.  Check-out time 10:00am. Early arrivals and late departures are subject to availability and additional charges.


All visitors are subject to daily fees and must be accompanied by the paying guest.


Only one RV and one passenger vehicle per site. All passenger vehicles must be parked at the site or in designated guest parking areas. All vehicles must be registered with the office. Overnight off-RV site parking is available for a fee. All illegally parked vehicles are subject to tow. Vehicles are not allowed to park on empty sites.


Proof of current registration and liability insurance on all vehicles is required.


The resort speed limit is 5MPH. Please drive slowly and safely.


Sergio's RV Wash and Wax is the only authorized vendor. Call (760) 989-9226 to schedule an appointment.


Guests agree to keep the site in a clean, neat, and orderly fashion at all times. There is no storage under the RV. No "forsale" items are on display or signage, and no business or commercial activity is permitted. Clotheslines are not permitted.  Only propane fire pits, grills, and stoves are allowed. Solar torches and lights only. NO charcoal or wood fires are allowed.


Not Permitted. RV must be self-contained.


Please place trash on the cement site corner by 9:00am for daily pick up. Please do not leave trash out overnight. Please use trash bags and bag it properly.


Actions by any person of any nature which may be dangerous or may create a health and safety problem or disturb others are not permitted. This includes but is not limited to, any disturbing or excessive noise, intoxication, quarreling, threatening, fighting, immoral or illegal conduct, profanity, or rude boisterous, objectionable or abusive language or conduct.  Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult while in all public areas of the resort.  Private parties are subject to property management approval and must be pre-arranged. Dune buggies, mopeds, dirt bikes, off-road vehicles, and all-terrain vehicles may not be operated in the resort.  No maintenance, repair or other work of any kind on any vehicle, boat or recreational vehicle may be done on the premises without resort management's consent. This includes but is not limited to, the changing of oil.

Notice: Pursuant to California Civil Code Section 799.20, et seq. A recreational vehicle may be removed from the premises without judicial hearing, after the 72-hour notice if the occupant who has been in the Resort for 30 days or less, has either:

  1. Failed to pay for his/her occupancy in the Resort.
  2. Failed to comply with the Resort's rules and regulations.


The pools and spas are here for your enjoyment. All non-registered guests must be accompanied by a resort guest and with prior approval of resort management. All persons who are incontinent and children who are not potty trained are not permitted in the pools or spas. No cut-off jeans are allowed, proper swimwear is required, and nudity is prohibited. The resort reserves the right to close the pool area for organized activities (i.e., water exercises class); no running, diving, ball throwing, inflatable rafts, etc. Glass containers are strictly prohibited. No riding bikes, scooters, skateboards or rollerblades in the pool area.


Bicycles must be stored either in the RV or at the rear of the RV premises but not on landscaped or common areas. Bicycles must be locked when not in use and may only be driven on the roadways and not on sidewalks, grass, vacant premises or any other paved areas.


Equipment is available at the Front Office.


Mail will be delivered to the Front Desk. Office staff will call you when we get any packages with your name.


Wi-Fi access is complimentary; no password is needed. You can contact SkyWeb at (989) 771-7100 for support.  Upgraded WIFI service is available for an additional fee.


Office: 8:00am - 5:00pm Daily
Call : (760) 406-5240 ext. 2
Text: (858) 227-6093
Security: (858) 354-2126
Fitness Center: 8:00am - 10:00pm Daily
Laundry Facility: Open Daily 8:00am - 10:00pm - Credit Cards Only