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Woof Woof! Love Your Pet Day

By: Sunland RV Resorts / 18 Feb 2015
Woof Woof! Love Your Pet Day
When your most dreaded alarm rings out the sound of intolerable wake – you find yourself rolling over groaning ever so slowly reaching for that gold mine also known as the snooze button. At the same point, you lock eye contact with the most innocent looking creature alert and ready to start the day – and you just can't say no. You realize your undying love at that point as nothing in the entire world could get you out of bed in the morning other than your best pal – your dog. Countless life events, bad days, dreading thoughts of moving away have been placed on these creatures as we seek comfort from their presence. Your dog is the one being that will always be there for you through thick and thin – so let's give back this month and honor our companions on "Love Your Pet Day," February 20th. Let's give our animals that extra treat or soothing back rub to let them know we appreciate their comfort!   Below are 7 resort specific opportunities to appreciate your pet this month.
  1. Leash your dog to "Yappy Hour" every Tuesday at 5pm in the Dog Park, or "Dog In The Garden" also on Tuesdays at Naples Motorcoach.
  2. Put on your best doggie smile, as Circle RV Resort will have a photo booth for our special friends in the front office.
  3. Keep those smiles bright for Oak Creek RV Resorts Valentine's Day party photo booth – and don't forget to grab a frame!
  4. Share your favorite pet photo with San Diego RV Resort on Facebook – and we will share these adorable moments with our resort family.
  5. Do you have puppy love? Join Emerald Desert RV Resort February 18th, for their 3rd annual puppy love happy hour with irresistible pet adoptions. If you miss this event don't worry you can speak your way to a weekly Bark and Wine social!
  6. Run your dog down to Golden Village Palms RV Resort's Pet Parade February 14th for some of the best-dressed furry friends around.
  7. Rumors at the dog park say Vacationer RV Resort, Silver Palms RV Resort, and Escondido RV Resort along with many other resorts have some sweet goodies at the front desk that can delight any pet- stop by today for treats!

Don't forget to mark your calendar for these exciting resort events – and celebrate the pet in your life February 20th on "Love Your Pet Day." Sunland RV Resorts offer numerous dog walking areas and even dog parks for socializing. We would love to hear your pet event ideas in the comments box below. For more information on our resorts please visit or grab your companion and head to a resort in your area today.

*Photo courtesy of Ms. Williams (Golden Village Palms RV Resort)

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