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The Sunland Heart - Escondido RV

By: Sunland RV Resorts / 27 Aug 2020
The Sunland Heart - Escondido RV
Our associates at Escondido have seen Gene and his cute black lab Cookie for some time now and they know that he is alone with Cookie. Every time our associates say hello to Gene and Cookie, they are always extremely friendly. With the trying times that we are in, the Escondido wanted to "surprise and delight" them, especially since it's National Dog Day! Gene is pretty quiet and keeps to himself so our associates wanted to surprise both of them. The GM passed on a dog toy shaped like an RV that was given tho him by another manager from Lazy Dog store. He passed on the toy as a gift from Sunland Team at Escondido to Cookie.The Sunland Heart - Escondido Rv  

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