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Thanking the Military this Armed Forces Day

By: Sunland RV Resorts / 17 May 2020
Thanking the Military this Armed Forces Day

Good deeds and sacrifice oftentimes go unnoticed. It's unfortunate, but a reality of our modern world where constant information keeps all of us steadily overwhelmed. That's why we are taking the time here to address and reflect all members of the Armed Forces, present and past, who have fully committed and dedicated their lives to make our country safer for the rest of us. Your service may go unnoticed by some, but not by all. On this day, we give thanks to each branch and every single member of the Armed Forces.

Armed Forces Day may not have the same nationwide recognition as other holidays but its origins sit stoically in our nation's history. First celebrated 70 years ago, this holiday was created as a way to honor and support all of our troops under one banner. In 1949, the Department of Defense through the leadership of Secretary of Defense, Louis Johnson, brought all branches of the military together under a single department. This unified the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, and helped them support and cooperate with one another by having more centralized leadership. It also resulted in the formation of the day we celebrate 70 years later, Armed Forces Day.

Our nation has been navigating difficult circumstances this spring, and it's important to get the opportunity to honor and support our military every chance we have. Armed Forces Day gives us all the time to stand proudly in this support. The dedication and devotion that our bold servicemen and women possess is a gift and sacrifice to each and every American citizen. Without this service, we would not enjoy the comforts, peace, and prosperity we are blessed with every day.

Even during these difficult days that have kept family and friends apart, we all stand together and enjoy this freedom through unity that represents the core of American values. This substance of our society can be seen in the living rooms and street corners from coast to coast, even if the streets are pretty quiet in recent days. Armed Forces Day affords us all a special opportunity to give thanks. To take a minute, an hour, or an entire day for reflection and gratitude for the gifts we all receive that are directly due to the efforts and energy of our many military members.

We may not be able to hold parades and parties in honor of this special day this year but that does not mean it won't be celebrated and observed. So that's why we wanted to extend a heartfelt and gracious thanks through this message for all of our readers who have sacrificed their time, their efforts, and even their lives in support of our great country and all we hold dear. This extends to all of the families of our Armed Forces members as well. You have also made a sacrifice through your support and love that enables and encourages us all to remain strong and true. To all active duty military members, veterans, and their families – we proudly and passionately salute all you have done for the rest of us this Armed Forces Day. Endless thanks and constant support from our families to yours!

This holiday also means that summer is right over the horizon. We know that your summer travel plans, whether to visit family or just have fun are, more likely than not, pretty uncertain. We all need to do our part for the safety of others and unfortunately, that might mean some changes to our summer adventures and activities. That doesn't mean that travel is not an option, however. Consider yourselves lucky if you're reading this because you probably have an RV, or at least are interested in RV travel. There is no better way to travel while staying safe and self-contained and RV resorts and campgrounds are still open all over the country.

Memorial Day is also only a few short weeks away and in addition to this holiday giving us another opportunity to honor our military, it also marks the unofficial start to the summer travel season. You may be hesitant to travel this year but if you still have the itch, RVing is going to be your best bet. RVing will allow you to control your environment while you travel and avoid places such as airports, train stations, and hotel rooms. You might already be well aware of how amazing RV travel can be but the added benefits of remaining self-contained and self-sufficient stand out strongly under current world circumstances.

To our RV community and all military members in particular, we wish you well and send our constant thanks on this day and beyond.

Happy Armed Forces Day from Sunland RV Resorts!

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