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Tell Us Your Sunland Experience: Golden Village Palms

By: Sunland RV Resorts / 23 Jul 2012
Tell Us Your Sunland Experience: Golden Village Palms

Tell us your story, Write about your experience or adventures during your stay at one of our resorts and win 2 Free nights at the Gorgeous Emerald Desert luxury villa! This story comes from Don Littlejohn, a dear guest from Golden Village Palms:

This is to inform you of what we think and like about the most beautiful and pleasant spot in the universe. My wife Fran would very seldom go with me when I would go Rving to different places around the country. She is a city girl, and she is too busy to partake in things to do, so she would rather just stay at home. Well, I found Golden Village Palms and have been visiting several times however my wife never wanted to go with me. I finally talked her into going with me on a trip to Golden Village Palms to relax and enjoy the amenities.

On her first trip to Hemet, she was so not looking forward to going, she was unconcerned with the surroundings as we drove there, did not say much of anything as she has seen other parks that claim they are a resort and they are run down and very typical campgrounds.

Upon arrival as I turned the RV from Florida Ave into the drive of Golden Village Palms with the beautiful palm trees lining the drive with the array of flowers lining the street. I slowly drove down the drive, and Fran all of the sudden sat straight up looking around. she did not say a word as she still was not too sure about the place. As we approached the gates you could see she was taking in all the splendor of the views of the resort. A smile began to emerge on Fran's face.

I went inside and was greeted by the staff with their warm smiles welcoming me into the resort. They made sure I was taken care of, and they took me out to my site. Fran still was not saying anything as she was checking out the beautiful landscaping and scenic lamps that lit the streets that lined the resort.

Fran ended up meeting new friends, enjoying the activities that are offered and relaxed around the pool and jacuzzis. She really takes it all in, sitting in the cabana while listening to the live poolside music, and being able to try the different restaurants that you have to offer. In the evening time, she loves to go for walks around the resort on her own as she feels safe here.

Bottom line to this is after her first visit she really did not want to leave and was informed that this will be the only place we will now go and never without her. This has turned out to be the best for our Golden Years at the Golden Village Palms RV Resort in Hemet California.

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