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Get Out Your Green At A Sunland RV Resort!

By: Sunland RV Resorts / 05 Feb 2015
Get Out Your Green At A Sunland RV Resort!
It's that time of year again when you have to turn your drawers upside down to find anything and everything in the famous color green. The same holiday where the warm salty sensation of corned beef and cabbage send your taste buds into oblivion. And let's not forget the crisp chilled beverage that leaves your mouth stained in green. This year celebrate St. Patrick's Day with us in the comforts of your resort. Below are 9 resort activities that will make this year's celebration memorable.
  1. Keep a watch for 4-leafed clovers on the way to Circle RV Resort's dinner celebration with corned beef and cabbage March 17th at 5:00pm. Please bring a dish to share and RSVP in the clubhouse for this green-themed party.
  2. "I do so like green eggs and ham - thank you, thank you Escondido RV Resort!" Enjoy this Doctor Seuss inspired green eggs, ham, corned beef and hash breakfast March 20th at 10:00am.
  3. Bring your best dancing shoes to Emerald Desert RV Resort's St. Patrick's Day Dinner Dance featuring a Celtic Performer, corned beef & cabbage, Sheppard's Pie and lots of delicious green beer for tasting.
  4. Pinch your way down to Vacationer RV Resort for a delicious corned beef and cabbage dinner – guaranteed to be a great time.
  5. Leprechaun dance over to this celebration at Oak Creek RV Resort March 17th at 6:00pm. Enjoy the tastes of Sheppard's pie, corned beef & cabbage – and bring a dish to share with friends.
  6. Follow the rainbow to this pot of gold social hour at San Diego RV Resort Saturday March 14th- and celebrate the treasure with new friends.
  7. Put on your most fabulous masquerade ball mask and join Naples Motorcoach February 17th at 5:30pm for a dance to be remembered. Enjoy food, music, friends and unlimited fun – don't forget to reserve your ticket.
  8. Party with the famous Fun Night Committee at Golden Village Palms RV Resort March 16th for delectable corned beef, cabbage and more. Reserve your seat in advance for this lucky night.
  9. Taste the delicious corned beef and hash at Silver Palms RV Resort March 17th, and listen to the sweet tunes of live music - this evening will entertain all.

This St. Patrick's Day is sure to be full of great tasting food, refreshing drinks, and new friends. We would love to hear which resort you are celebrating St.Patrick's Day with, in the comments box below.   Be sure to check out all of our great RV Resorts at, and join the lifestyle today!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Sunland RV Resorts, and don't forget to wear green!

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