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RV Cooking Summer Tips

By: Sunland RV Resorts / 12 Jul 2022
RV Cooking Summer Tips
Cooking in your RV's kitchen space while traveling is definitely different than preparing a meal in your everyday kitchen. The limited space, small appliances, and storage space may make it even more challenging. With the summer sizzling, we are here to share our top tips to make cooking in your RV feel less stressful in the summer heat!

Try to switch to raw meals

One of the many benefits of eating raw is not only a healthier food choice but also a considerable space-saver and short prep time! Your diet will become more straightforward, and it can still be delicious. Here are some of our ideas:
  • All the different types of salad, especially leafy greens, are loaded with vitamins and minerals, increase the level of powerful antioxidants in your blood, and are low in calories and sodium. Leafy greens offer a substantial nutritional benefit.
  • Pasta Salads have a long storage life, you can either cook a considerable amount and leave it in the fridge to eat the following day as a cold pasta salad, or you can eat it immediately as a hot meal with a pasta sauce. Pasta and sauces typically have a long shelf-life.

Plan your meals and ingredients ahead

Save time and prep as many ingredients ahead of time as possible and put them in boxes. Think about what you will have for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and what recipes or variations you plan to cook. Chop veggies, prep your meat, and make your homemade sauces, hummus, and dressings.
  • Using Instant Pot can help you cook a delicious and healthy meal without heating your RV, and you can also reduce your cooking time so that you can enjoy your day.
  • Tacos are great because you prep ahead, and you can put anything you want in a taco.
  • Snacks always come in handy. They are a good option while on the road: fruits, trail mix, cheese sticks, olives, and chips.

Take advantage of the great outdoors

It's probably easier to cook outside in the summer heat. Either by grilling outside or by using a portable propane camp stove. Even if you own a basic grill, you can still make burgers, steaks, barbecued chicken, or grill fish. These tools will broaden your options for food choices and are some of the best ways to enjoy the RV experience.

RV Kitchen Must-Haves

Bring essential cooking equipment on the road to cook in an RV efficiently. Depending on what your RV has as far as appliances and storage space go, think about your cooking methods and what kind of kitchen accessories will fit your needs while on the road. Focus on eliminating duplicates, cutting down the number of plates, bowls, and utensils you have to save space, or even better, replace single-use items with something multi-purpose. Your RV style can also affect how you cook, whether traveling, staying at parks, or RVing full time. No matter how you plan on RVing, enjoy your vacation during the summer months, find time to adjust to your tiny kitchen, and take advantage of being in the great outdoors!

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