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I Love RVing- Episode 1: The Memories we make with family

By: Sunland RV Resorts / 03 Mar 2015
I Love RVing- Episode 1: The Memories we make with family

Welcome to our "I Love RVing" mini-series. The exciting adventures of how common people fell in love with the RVing lifestyle. First up is our Grand Prize Winner and his short episode titled "Memories" - A short tale of a man and his daughter on their search for the perfect outdoor excursion. We must warn you this one is quite touching – and not for the tender-hearted! Congratulations Doug C.

"When I was 12 years old my father purchased a 24ft motorhome, I couldn't wait to bring it home and start packing for trips. The anticipation of the trip was almost overwhelming for me. Weeks in advance I would start making inventories of items we would need; "do we have fishing poles, tackle boxes, bikes, lanterns, flashlights, batteries, and of course marshmallows and chocolate for s'mores?" My father and I would go through the list item by item to make sure we packed everything. When the trips came, it didn't matter if we just drove up to the lake or to the beach for the weekend, we would have such great times as a family. Our favorite destination together was always Kern River, California.

Now, I am 45 years old and own a 38ft RV. My 12-year-old daughter and I camp, at least, once a month, and luckily for me, she gets just as excited as I did with my father. We plan our trips out every year and love the opportunity to try new places. I realized, some time ago, that RV Camping is not about the destination, but about the memories created and the opportunities afforded to spend time with those whom you love; each destination you explore is unique, and each trip is a memory cherished. RV camping has made me appreciate the time I had with my father and continues to offer excitement for the possibilities I will have with my daughter."

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