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Joining An RV Group

By: Sunland RV Resorts / 16 Apr 2015
Joining An RV Group

Todd 1For many years, my husband and I resisted joining an RV club or group. We traveled to many interesting places. We took two extended trips across this wonderful country of ours and thoroughly enjoyed being alone with our two four-leggers on our journeys. We didn't want the structure or, frankly speaking, traveling on someone else's time schedule. We traveled locally to nearby campgrounds, as well as, longer distances. If we chose to extend our stay, because of different sightseeing choices we weren't aware of when we booked our time out, we were able to do so. Traveling in an RV gives you the opportunity to see places you hear about from other travelers, or read about in magazines or travel literature. When we returned from our three month trip, we were approached by a couple who belonged to a local Good Sam RV Club. We were asked if we were interested in coming in as a guest and perhaps we would be interested in becoming a member of their club. This was in October - We thanked them for the offer but still were not interested in belonging to a group. We asked if we could give this some consideration and perhaps after the first of the year we could give it a try. In February of the following year, we attended one of their local gatherings for a three day weekend and had a very enjoyable time. The members were nice and very friendly so we decided to attend again several times and apply for a membership.

Autumn In Mountains When you join an RV club or group you are making a commitment to certain structured procedures. This club had been in existence for a long period of time. The members were now in an age bracket that suited our needs - This is something to consider when looking for a club. Most clubs have their own bylaws or operating procedures that must be adhered to when considering membership and most clubs have to vote you in as a member. In our instance, we had to submit and read a letter of membership giving our reasons why we wanted to join them and become part of their group. You had to attend three outings over a period of four months to even be considered for membership. You are looking at the current members in the same manner as they are looking at you - You also have to accept them. Once you have made application, so to speak, and are voted on and accepted, other responsibilities come into play. You must attend a specified number of campouts during the course of the year, you have dues to pay, and your campouts have structure, meetings, potlucks, etc. You also have to assume the responsibility of planning and executing a campout when you are placed in the rotation. 10372808_768668056520124_7837360770057497857_o When you have made the decision to join a club or group, keep these things in mind. This is a commitment. Choose a club that meets your criteria in age, activities, etc. Be ready to follow and accept the rules of the organization. In closing, we were voted in as members of our club, we have made many new friends and lasting relationships. We were ready, the timing was right, we made a great decision. I hope these tidbits will help you in making a great decision in joining a club. Guest Contributor:

Elaine T.

I am retired and love to get out in the RV.  I do home crafting, very involved in photography, mostly animal portraits; as well as, volunteering at the theater, City of Hope and other fund raising activities.  I am an avid reader and definitely a computer graphics junkie.

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