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I Love RVing - Episode 5: A Journey Down The Wrong Road

By: Sunland RV Resorts / 31 Mar 2015
I Love RVing - Episode 5: A Journey Down The Wrong Road

Welcome to our "I Love RVing" mini-series. The exciting adventures of how common people fell in love with the RVing lifestyle. Next up is our runner up and his episode titled "Exploration Opportunities" - A short story of how life's misdirection can turn into a truly beautiful journey!   Thanks, William B.

Sometimes the best parts of traveling in the RV, are the places you stumble upon, DESPITE your best planning! My wife and I were exploring Northern Arizona, as we headed up Hwy 89 toward Page, Arizona, and Lake Powell. We were surprised, however, when the first mileage sign for Page had been taped over and obscured... We kept heading North.

"You don't suppose that means that this state highway somehow doesn't go through to Page anymore?" we wondered, but nothing on the maps or the GPS indicated a problem... So we kept heading North.

Another mileage sign obscured like the first one got us truly concerned that we were heading into a very long cul-de-sac and would be forced to retrace our steps. Ugh! After more than an hour, we found a barrier across Hwy 89 and were forced to detour to a little place called Lee's Ferry, Arizona. We found a campground nearby and ended up staying for three days in an extremely scenic site, adjacent to the Colorado River.

We would never have stopped or even looked for this beautiful campground if the road had been open to Page, as we had assumed! Since then, we don't call them "navigational errors" anymore, but "exploration opportunities", instead!

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