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Great ideas for your RV holiday travels

By: Sunland RV Resorts / 23 Nov 2015
Great ideas for your RV holiday travels

Then here comes the holidays; that special time from Thanksgiving to New Year. The stress-free lifestyle is becoming more stress and less free especially if you enjoyed entertaining family and friends in large spaces. Now most of us live in less than 500 sq. ft., what is one to do for entertaining? Here are a couple quick rv tips to answer that question.

The hosting arena: one – alone, two – intimate, four – cozy, six or more – a party! Size is the challenge of entertaining in a RV. We live in less than 500 sq. ft. and have experience with all the scenarios. The party is the most challenging yet doable. For these occasions, planning is utmost important. One of the main aspects is seating, especially if the party is for eight. Along with seating other planning factors include food and drink placement.

Probably the most obvious solution to a large gathering is an outside party. Of course, most RVers do not carry enough chairs for a large gathering. It is very common in the RV community to invite guests and ask them to bring their chairs. Tables can be set up for food, drinks, plates and utensils. Being outdoors everyone can visit as well as enjoy nature. A portable fire pit can be set up so all can gather around an open fire.


This is the perfect large party plan as long as the weather cooperates. Now suppose it is too hot, too cold, too wet, or too windy? These are all reasons to move the party indoors. So instead of the great outdoors, we must now make everyone feel at home in a small portion of our small home.

One way to entertain is using the traditional "cocktail party" idea. Everyone stands and visits while eating and drinking. When planning for a cocktail type party, preparation, and serving of food is one of the major issues. No matter what the invite says, you have to expect a guest to show up with an additional dish or bottle of wine. Make sure the room is saved for any extras that guests walk in with. Have all food prepared in advance and know where each dish will be placed. Having a plan helps with crowd flow as well as serving. When planning food for an inside party, pick up and easy to eat items work best. For us, jambalaya is the perfect party food.

In all of the planning and cooking, one of the best holiday rv tips to consider is planning ahead and let the dynamics of the group happen. It is important to realize, the fun is in getting together. It does not take an enormous amount of space to have a great time with friends. Things happen, weather changes, just go with the flow!

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