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Happy Memorial Day!

By: Sunland RV Resorts / 25 May 2020
Happy Memorial Day!
Memorial Day is here! For many, this is the signal that summer is officially here—and, of course, camping season is in full swing. The holiday comes at the end of May, and most places are warm enough for swimming and cookouts, both of which are activities that just feel summery. However, there is a deeper reason for celebrating Memorial Day, and it often gets forgotten or goes unrecognized. This is unfortunate because Memorial Day is such an important holiday for so many.  

What is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a day for remembering those military members who have died fighting for our country and our freedoms. It's a day to thank the families of these brave individuals, visit the graves of the military men and women who gave their lives for us, and remember and recognize those who sacrifice everything for this country.

To these selfless people and their spouses, children, parents, and other loved ones, we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We truly appreciate everything you've done for us, and send our well wishes your way this Memorial Day.  

Meaningful Memorial Day Traditions

There certainly isn't anything wrong with taking advantage of the long weekend to go camping, grill some burgers, and/or hop in a pool. That said, we encourage everyone to take some time out of their weekend to remember what this holiday is actually all about. Below are some wonderful ways to do just that.

Visit a Cemetery

Whether you choose the burial site of a fallen soldier you knew personally, or you simply pick any veteran cemetery, you can show your respect and appreciation by visiting and taking flowers to the grave of a deceased military member.

Honor the National Moment of Remembrance

Did you know the United States has a National Moment of Remembrance for fallen soldiers? Each year at 3pm on Memorial Day, the entire country is asked to pause for one minute to remember and honor those who have laid their lives down for our country.

Hang a Flag

Hanging a U.S. flag is an excellent way to show your patriotism and appreciation on this holiday. Make sure it hangs at half mast until noon, as is tradition.

In addition to your United States flag, you could also choose to fly the POW/MIA flag. Flying this flag shows that you recognize the sacrifice these soldiers and their families have made.

Check Out a Battlefield

If you have one nearby, you might try planning a visit to a battlefield. There are plenty of historical battlefields in our country, and visiting one might help you truly appreciate what these men and women have done for us.

Share Your Story

Have you lost a loved one in battle? Honor them by sharing their picture and story on social media. You might be surprised just how much other people love reading these tributes, especially those who also loved the individual you are honoring.  

What to Consider in 2020

As mentioned before, there is nothing wrong with using your long weekend to have some summertime fun. Go ahead and make those traditional Memorial Day weekend plans! However, you will want to consider how 2020 is different from other years and how COVID-19 might affect what you do.

Cookouts and Parties

Cookouts and celebrations with those who live in your household are completely okay. That said, if you plan on inviting others, you will want to make sure you know and follow the rules for the state you are in.

Additionally, no matter what the rules happen to be, make sure you are selective about who you invite and keep groups small in order to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.


According to the CDC, swimming in and of itself will not spread COVID-19. That said, public pools and beaches aren't open everywhere because the virus can be spread through the use of common areas and public-use furniture. Therefore, you will still want to practice social distancing should you decide to swim in a pool or visit a beach.


Finally, there is the question of travel. While recreational out-of-state travel at this time is not recommended, some forms of local travel are relatively safe and could be just the stress relief you need. The safest form of travel in the current situation? RV camping.   Here's why RV camping is recommended:
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Included — When traveling in an RV, you have access to your own kitchen and bathroom. This means you won't be visiting any public facilities when nature calls. It also means you can cook your own meals, so restaurant stops are unnecessary as well.
  • No Common Areas — When staying in a hotel, common areas (such as the lobby) offer opportunities for virus transmission. When you're staying in an RV, spending time in such areas is unnecessary, and they are sometimes nonexistent anyway.
  • Avoid Public Transportation — Airplanes, buses, and subways are full of people, and therefore germs. Traveling by RV means you won't be spending time using any of these public transportation options and can stay completely isolated during travel.
  • Enjoy Outdoor Activities — RV camping encourages you to spend more time doing outdoor activities. This is good for a couple of reasons. For one, fresh air and sunshine are both good for the immune system, as well as your mental health. For another, outdoor activities such as hiking are fun and exciting while still allowing for social distancing.
  Ready to book your Memorial Day camping trip? We have plenty of amazing RV resorts that offer the perfect opportunity to get away from it all while still practicing social distancing. Just make sure you remember those who we are celebrating on Memorial Day.

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