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By: Sunland RV Resorts / 14 Jun 2016

Who hasn't dreamed of enjoying the carefree lifestyle of a full-time RVer? Hitting the open road for new adventures as you crisscross the country unencumbered by the mundane demands of landbound life?

Yet while conventional wisdom once deemed that dream to be one reserved for retirees, the truth is that an increasingly large number of individuals in their 30s and 40s are now calling RVs home. Driven not only by the current strength of the economy but the ability to "cyber-commute" to their jobs, this new generation of RVers (aka Gen RV) has found satisfaction in downsizing their material possessions in favor of a lifetime of new memories on the road. Enjoy Silver Palms RV ResortBut as many Gen RVers have learned, living on the road doesn't necessarily mean giving up modern conveniences. This tech-savvy generation is outfitting their homes on wheels with chef-worthy kitchens, satellite television, 50-inch flat screens, high-speed internet access for mobile offices, and countless other gadgets and amenities. Couple that with the ability to take a break from the road whenever they wish by stopping at an all-encompassing RV community such as Golden Village Palms RV Resort in Hemet, CA and Silver Palms RV Resort in Okeechobee, FL, and life as a Gen RVer becomes even more enticing.

A prime example of this shift towards the 30-45-year-old demographic is new Silver Palms' resident Shawn Moore who, along with his wife, has whole-heartedly embraced the RV lifestyle after discovering the tranquility and accessibility that the Okeechobee resort had to offer. Once there they found an adopted family of friendly neighbors and staff, countless events and group activities, luxuries such as swimming pools and workout rooms, and so much more.

"When we first discovered Silver Palms, we were just looking for a central spot in Florida from where we could explore different areas for our future retirement. Given the fact that we are in our early 40s, we sure weren't in a rush to decide on a permanent location. All of that changed as soon as we pulled into the resort's gates!" noted Mr. Moore.

"Residents can be involved with as many community activities as they want, or they can just enjoy the peace and quiet of their own little piece of paradise. Equally, as appealing is the fact that from Okeechobee we can head roughly one and a half hours in any direction and enjoy the rest of Florida then be back in the comfort of our own home. Lastly, I had never heard of pickleball before visiting Silver Palms and have to say that it absolutely rocks!" Golden Village Palms RV ResortEqually, Hemet, CA's Golden Village Palms hosts numerous special events throughout the year that draw large numbers of these younger RVers and their families. Most recently, the resort featured a "Taste of Southern California" promotion celebrating the area's famed outdoor play "Ramona" as well as its annual "Vintage Trailers and Campers Show" that draws classic recreational vehicles fans of all ages.

"We take great pride in offering countless amenities and activities that make Golden Village Palms a destination of choice for the growing number of 30-45-year-old full-time RVers including high-speed WiFi for those who work remotely to our state-of-the-art workout facilities and more," stated Tracie Rodgers, Activities Director at Golden Village Palms

And while the transition from a more traditional home and work life might seem daunting at first, several blogs aimed at Gen RV have popped up recently to provide firsthand accounts of their own lifestyle change and resulting experiences, as well as tips for making it all work – from basics such as mail forwarding to more complex issues such as how to home school your children on the road successfully.

In the end, however, the life of a Gen RVer boils down to one key theme…why put off the freedom of life on the road until retirement when you can make it work successfully today?

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