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Emerald Desert RV Resort Craft Center is home to New Clubs and Classes !

By: Sunland RV Resorts / 15 Oct 2012
Emerald Desert RV Resort Craft Center is home to New Clubs and Classes !

Announcing Big  Changes !    Emerald Craft Center is new home to Clubs and Classes !

The Craft Center (formerly Tuscany II), now part of our Emerald Square complex, will expand its activities to include many guests with many interests!

Again, we listened to our guests' suggestions and we are eager to respond!

We heard that many RV'rs miss gardening, so we are pleased to introduce the formation of The Emerald "Green Thumb " Club!   If you love gardening, be prepared to rollup your sleeves and enjoy planning and planting a co-op garden. We've set aside an area directly behind The Craft Center, including a shaded patio for planting herbs, vegetables or whatever the club decides to cultivate.

Our Chief Groundskeeper, Cruz Palafox will be happy to conduct question and answer sessions regarding our unique desert-growing season.  We will provide basic planting tools and supplies but if you have a favorite tool, bring it along.

Importantly, bring your ideas!  We will begin a project board with clever gardening ideas and tips so handy husbands or wives can lend a hand.  The "Emerald "Green Thumb" Club and the project choices   will be determined by the members who join.  We hope you will enjoy sharing your joy of gardening with fellow gardeners!


We have also responded to your requests and are expanding The Craft Center to accommodate a wide variety of craft activities, from glass and pottery painting, to sewing, quilting, knitting and scrapbooking.  Be sure to bring your favorite pastime and join in fun, social groups!   If you have an unusual hobby, please come share it with others. The Craft Center is an integral part of our new Emerald Square and our goal is to keep it lively and growing with your creative energy!


We heard from many of you that your RVs do not provide the perfect setting to prepare and host an elegant dinner party.  Yet we know there are many fine chefs in our midst.  The Emerald Epicurean Club will encourage you to form Gourmet Dinner Groups, with one of our intimate clubhouse kitchens at your disposal to both prepare a lovely meal and entertain in a pleasant, intimate setting. Speaking of fine dining…. For those interested in delicious food preparation ideas, we plan to offer a series of Gourmet Cooking Classes that will feature our highly entertaining and talented chef, John Gargone!   From the art of vegetable sculpting to an incredible array of fine recipe ideas and demonstrations, we promise a fun and scrumptious program.

The staff at Emerald Desert RV Resort is eager to make your stay memorable!  Your suggestions and comments are appreciated and we will do our best to incorporate popular recommendations into our programs.

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