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Cupid Comes to Circle RV Resort on Valentine's Day

By: Sunland RV Resorts / 17 Feb 2012
Cupid Comes to Circle RV Resort on Valentine's Day

Love was flowing like a Niagara Falls of chocolate fondu this Valentine's Day at Sunland RV Resorts. Circle RV Resort, one of Sunland's four San Diego properties, hosted "Cupid's Dinner" for their guests serving up such a lovely affair that there was little need to make restaurant reservations. Indeed, February 14th can be a stressful day to make plans. This Valentine Cupid's Dinner took the pain and guesswork out of the holiday so guests could sit back, relax, and share the intended spirit of the holiday with their loved ones.

This event was a complimentary for Circle RV guests where the resort provided dinner and Valentine themed gift boxes filled with a cornucopia of confection delights. Inside were iconic sweetheart candies, Hershey's hugs & kisses, caramel chocolates, strawberry &  butterscotch hard candies, peanut butter cups, other assorted chocolates and dinner mints.  All of which were loaded with sugar and love from the RV park staffers.

Lindsay Du Bois, the resort's reservationist and creative mastermind provided her own specially seasoned TLC in the form of the barbequed tri-tips she prepared. She also made a  secret family recipe for "white potatoes,"  Rumor has it, Saint Valentine himself requested the ingredients. Laura, the General Manager, contributed her recipe of amore making several dishes of her own. She made baked beans and tossed together a salad with fresh avocados that were donated by a guest, then baked fresh sourdough dinner rolls. I don't know about you but I am getting hungry! While Circle RV provided the dinner cuisine, the guests provided the desserts,  wine and champagne helping to incite some romantic moments.

Heart candles were lit and displayed on the food tables, as well as a fresh bouquet of flowers given to us by Jim & Jacqualine, our site map creators at Southeast Publications USA.  Some forty people gathered in Circle RV's comfortable recreation room for the Valentine's dinner, all couples- Awwwwwweeeee. Each and every one brought something in the way of sweets or wine to complete the affair.

The decor and ambiance were fabulous. The tables were decorated with floating candles and assorted chocolates were laid out for the runner. The low light of  burning candles added a luminescent tone that set an intimate dining setting. Beyond the pleasant aesthetics, the food was a hit with the guests. EVERYONE raved about the delicious steak marinade and the potatoes. Several people asked  for the recipe, but neither Saint Valentine nor a single guest got their hands on it - it's a secret recipe!  They'll just have to reserve their stay for the next party to get another taste.

Dinner lasted about two hours and a great time was had by all. The best thing was, at the end of the charming evening, there was no bill to pay and guests could just saunter back to their cozy motorhome abodes.  Guests were very appreciative of the event but, the whole purpose of this dinner and many of the events as Sunland RV parks and resorts are to show how much we appreciate our guests. Hoping a happy Valentine's and February to all.

View the dinner photo slideshow here.  

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