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Deck Your 5th Wheel With Christmas Cheer

By: Sunland RV Resorts / 23 Nov 2015
Deck Your 5th Wheel With Christmas Cheer
Here come the holidays! Life in an RV is low stress, go with the flow style living. Well most of the time this is true.

The holidays are approaching and you want to deck your RV. Your home has always been decorated from roof to basement and everywhere in-between. Now your home is an 5th wheel – small home with very little storage for decorations. Now what?  The first thing is to think small and enjoy the challenge. Try using items you have already and also fresh items. Items that can be consumed and used after the holidays.

Did you always have a large fresh tree decorated with lots of ornaments and trimmings? Do you enjoy cooking and using fresh herbs? Think fresh, think herbs, think Christmas. Purchase a small rosemary bush then decorate it with small ornament balls and bows. A string of small colored lights will also add more Christmas cheer. After Christmas, you have fresh herbs to enjoy. Play Christmas music all through the holidays to bring cheer and memories. Our family tradition was on the day after Thanksgiving my Dad would play "Bells Will Be Ringing" by Charles Brown – we carry on the tradition. If you have holiday music traditions, bring them with you and continue making memories.

Maybe you are a garland person and had it strung all over your stick and brick home. Garlands can be difficult to store and take lots of space. Use candy canes and red ribbon – intertwine the ribbon between the candy canes and hang through your small home. During the holidays, take a candy cane and use for stirring hot tea or eggnog. If any is left after the holidays, they make great after dinner "mints".


Christmas stockings are festive and may be a tradition for many. If you have a fireplace, hang your stockings on either side away from the direct heat. If no fireplace, pin the stockings to one of your curtains or hang them from a counter. Inside is nice and festive, now move on to the outdoors. Make or purchase a wreath for the door. Add items that bring back memories and it will bring a smile each time you enter your 5th Wheel. We enjoy cooking outdoors and do so as often as possible. Festive tablecloths add holiday spirit to our tables. If you are in an area with pine cones, gather a basket full and use as a centerpiece. If lights are your passion, add twinkling ones to the outside of your RV. Or for a different way of lighting, use tacks on the lights and attach to your outside table. If you have a flag pole, lights could be added there also. Remember if you purchase items to use for decorating unless they are throw away or perishable, you will have to store the decorations until next year. The holidays are approaching and we all want to be festive. So think outside the Christmas box and make your rig festive using found items, edible items, or special items you carry. Enjoy, have fun and make the holidays special.

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