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Chef John Gargone Comes to Emerald Desert RV Resort

By: Sunland RV Resorts / 02 Nov 2012
Chef John Gargone Comes to Emerald Desert RV Resort

Emerald Desert RV Resort is proud to announce a new addition to our expanding list of creative activities!

Is your RV kitchen a little too small? Do you enjoy preparing or feasting on delicious, one of a kind dishes? If you answer "yes," then we have a wonderful solution!

For your pleasure, Chef John Gargone, formally the Resident Entertainment Chef of Kitchen Kitchen is transforming one of our intimate clubhouse kitchens and dining areas into a gastronomical delight.

As Emerald Desert kicks off the new season, talented Chef John plans to host lively, very entertaining and informative evenings, where enthusiastic guests can participate in preparing innovative dishes. Or simply observe Chef John work his culinary magic, then relax with friends and enjoy classic Continental Cuisine that features an array of delicious Comfort Foods prepared with the great flavors we love.

A little about your host, Chef John Gargone

Chef John loves to cook while entertaining and doing the "ala carte dance" all while making it look easy.

His knife skills are legendary. Chef John is recorded in Ripley's Believe it or Not for slicing a cucumber into 36 even slices in 3.5 seconds while blindfolded.

You will witness Chef John's formula for serving everything hot at the same time!

Chef John will show you the real world of cooking. No preparation is done in advance! Cook and Chop!

Join us for fun filled epicurean delights this season! Space will be limited so please reserve your table early!

Call Us at (877) 624-4140 to Reserve a Table

EVENT DATES Saturday, December 22nd

Saturday, January 19th

Saturday, February 20th

Saturday, March 20th



Manhattan or New England Clam Chowder
Sunrise Salad in Cucumber Ring with dried fruits, berries, nuts and citrus
Watercress dressing
Roasted Loin of Pork Florentine Tarragon Sauce
15 minute scalloped potatoes, Broccoli and garlic sauce - Poached Pears in Port


$55 per person

*Minimum 10 guests

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