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The Weekly Taste – Golden Village Palms

Golden Village Palms has partnered with favorite Hemet local restaurants to create the The GVP Weekly Taste. Each week a different restaurant sets up camp at the popular Sunland Resort to bring a variety of delicious flavor from neighborhood eateries into GVP’s back yard, and pool side for that matter.

The inaugural week started off with a bang with El Patron Mexican Grill. They were a big hit with the guests. Each restaurant will set up a satellite eatery on the resort property to offer their local favorites to resort guests at a special on-site pricing. This is an added plus for Golden Village Palms visitors, as there’s not a full-time restaurant on the resort.

With the Weekly Taste, Golden Village Palms guests can get a work out in and grab a bite without having to leave the grounds, and the next time they do, they’ll have a great idea of where to have their next meal.

This is The Weekly Taste line-up for the next several weeks:

Jan 02 to Jan 7th
Ya Ya’s Coffee and Sandwich Shop

Jan 9th to Jan 14
Harvard St Café

Jan 16 to Jan 21
Hemet Diner

Jan 23 to Jan 28
El Patron Mexican Grill

Jan 30 to Feb 4th
Sweet Baby Jane’s BBQ

Any restauranteurs interested in participating in The Weekly Taste at Golden Village Palms or at any other Sunland RV Resort can email inquiries to

Bon appetit!