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rv fitness online classes

RV Fitness Classes While in Quarantine

Have you always wanted to try that new exercise class but was intimidated by the large classes? Now you can try tons of fitness classes online for free from the privacy of your own RV! Learn boxing, yoga and more…

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Sunland is working for a brighter tomorrow

Sunland to focus on Sustainability going forward

At Sunland RV Resorts, we are passionate about environmental sustainability and taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint. This year we are committed to making big changes in our operations to conserve water, conserve electricity, reduce waste and preserve our…

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Younger Generation of RV'ers


Who hasn’t dreamed of enjoying the carefree lifestyle of a full-time RVer? Hitting the open road for new adventures as you crisscross the country unencumbered by the mundane demands of landbound life? Yet while conventional wisdom once deemed that dream…

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Safe trip in San Diego

Ten Hacks RVers can Use to Thwart Thieves

Few things can drain the joy from an RV adventure as quickly as theft. Whether your identity or your possessions have been taken away, the loss makes you feel violated and vulnerable and, depending on the circumstances, can place you in a precarious situation.
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