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Desert Wildflowers in Bloom

Travel out to the Palm Desert area, near our Emerald Desert RV Resort, and enjoy a natural wonder!

Good amounts of rain in October and December promise a spectacular wildflower season in Palm Desert, according to Park Ranger Emily Hoerner. She said that one of the most popular wildflower, the Penstemen, is a pink flower that is a favorite of the humming bird.

Spring arrives the most gently. It’s a tiny shift in the air from stark to lofty, when suddenly you feel like you just got lighter in weight and you notice suddenly that the crickets are singing like an orchestra all around you. Patches of bare desert become carpeted with wheat colored grasses that smell slightly sweet like honey, and if we are lucky the purple and yellow wildflowers bloom. The mountains shed and lighten. Everything turns bubbly as if we are in a bowl of champagne: the air, the ground, the people, the animals.

The Bureau of Land Managements provides wildflower bus tours to some of the best hiking spots. You can check their website for upcoming events or contact them for more information.