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Cut Some Calories & Make Some Friends

Vacationer RV Resort Brings Guests Together with Omeletes-in-a-Bag

As a newcomer to the Sunland RV Resorts team, I had the unique opportunity of visiting all of the San Diego Properties to get a feel for the individual character and community that each property affords its guests. Each does have its own advantages and amenities still, one tale that captured my sensibilities for community was a recount of a happening at Vacationer RV Park.

I spoke with Steve, the general manager of the property, and asked what kinds of things they did there in the way of events. Steve was a kind faced, grey haired gentleman with the warmest etiquette that I found of all the resorts I visited that day. Among other things, he mentioned to me that Vacationer RV held monthly Pot Lucks in their recreation center.

He laughed lightly as he explained that the resort would be more than happy to buy food for these monthly get-togethers, but he doesn’t out of fear of insulting the park’s residents/visitors. That is to say, that the people prefer to bring their own food. They like to show off their cooking aptitudes and specialty dishes by sharing them at these events. I guess when your kitchen isn’t quite big enough to entertain, these get-togethers are the next best thing.

“The last event was a big hit,” he said. “They had an Omelet-in-a -Bag brunch” he said this in a tone that suggested that I, of course, would know what that was. His mention of it was so nonchalant that even much later with friends, I was compelled to test my knowledge of omelet’s in a bag against theirs. To my relief not one of my pals was in the know on this one.


“Omelet’s in bag?” I asked Steve, “What is that? “ Looking at me kindly puzzled, he explained.


Apparently, to prepare an omelet in a bag you get together all the ingredients you would like to have in an omelet and chop them up and place them in a zip lock freezer bag. For this particular Vacationer gathering, guests were only required to bring their bag of omelet filing, and Steve and the Vacationer team supplied the eggs. Your next move in this process is to crack some eggs in your bag of pre-chopped fillings and the zip the seal. Next, carefully shake the bag. Meanwhile, pots of water should be coming to a boil on a nearby stove. When your bag of eggs and chopped toppings are sufficiently mixed (AKA scrambled) you place the bag full of omelety goodness into the boiling water for 15 minutes.

When it’s done you have no buttery, burnt pans, you’ve saved yourself a ton of calories skipping all that butter it takes a regular omelet to successfully slide off the pan, and you have a perfectly cooked- with no tinged edges- omelet!

And, if you did the whole recipe just right, you may have also made some friends of your neighbors in the next slot.


To see more community happenings and events at Vacationer RV Park, visit our resort’s websites and click the Events and Guide links from the menu, OR join our online community on Facebook and Twitter.


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